Welcome to SHED 10

SHED 10 is a group of skilled prop makers with years of film, television and exhibit experience. We specialise in making props and models for the computer gaming industry. From life size to large or small props. Ideal for exhibition promotional events where the public can handle and take selfies. Accurately made with attention to detail hand props to film standards. Perfect experience for fans to see and hold the real thing. From weapons to gadgets. Period, modern or futuristic. Genuine materials used with the aid of 3d printing laser cutting and CNC machining to achieve the right result.

If you are a software development company looking for that extra element on your exhibition events or need to have a good reference for mapping props and textures, then we can help.

Prop commissions, project management and organising packing including flight cases and inserts.

Currently working with our partners for Supercell, Deep Silver and Square Enix.

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Call for budget and build time advice.

Email: phil@shed10.co.uk

Tel: 07973 689328